Augusta, Maine Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured by the negligence of others, whether it is an auto accident, slip and fall, or incident of medical malpractice, the law office of Scott F. Hess can help. Hess is an experienced Augusta, Maine Personal Injury lawyer with an unrelenting approach to ensure his clients get the settlement they are entitled to.

Augusta Maine Personal Injury Lawyer

Our law firm here in Augusta, Maine helps people just like you who have had their lives impacted through no fault of their own.

Maine personal injury law is based off of common law and federal guidelines that enable persons to seek compensation for damages to body, property, or livelihood in the event of malice negligent behavior on the part of a company or individual. Our law firm helps people just like you who have had their lives impacted through no fault of their own and face financial hardships, medical challenges, or even the loss of someone they love.

Auto Accidents and Motorcycle Injuries

One of the most common types of cases we deal with is those involving vehicle negligence. This is because insurance companies rarely come through on the promises they make when you sign up with their service. Their profit exists only when you do not use them. This is why we routinely help people who have been injured in auto or motorcycle accidents get the compensation they deserve.

Drug or Medical Device Injury

In spite of record profits, drug companies routinely field and market drugs and devices that have documented issues associated with their use. IVC devices, vaginal meshes, warming blankets — all of these were marketed to the public and used by health care providers with known concerns, and have since had injuries and infections associated with their use or implantation. People who unknowingly were given these without the appropriate warnings now face severe life-altering and sometimes life-threatening conditions. Drugs like Invokana were distributed en masse only to cause stroke, heart seizure and even death among the groups that their own volunteer populations found were at risk. No one deserves to have their trust abused and their life ruined over profits.

We’re here to help you receive a settlement or even take your case to trial if need be.

Workers Compensation, Accidents on the Job, and Slip and Fall

Augusta Maine Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured while on the job or even on a job site here in Maine, the Law Office of Scott F. Hess can help.

If you have been injured while on the job or even on a job site here in Maine, we can help. In many cases employees who have been injured on a job site have set asides for compensation due to federal OSHA regulations. Sometimes, the injured party needs to file a suit. Regardless, the process can be very difficult for the uninitiated to go alone. We can help you with your paperwork or even pursue a suit on your behalf.

Scott F. Hess, Augusta, Maine personal injury lawyer, is here to help you take back your life and get your family back on track. Call us today or fill out our online contact form.

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